Ruthie Johnson

About Ruthie Johnson

My name is Ruthie Johnson. I have lived in Montana for thirty-five years and have been in the Real Estate business since 2005. I love Montana! It is a place that inspires the ability to dream. Composed of a few key ingredients. Montana has an astonishing diversity of people, landscape, weather, and wildlife. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to access the beauty that our state holds. As your agent, it is my goal to help you find your Montana dream! I love working with people. My purpose is to make the process simple, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone involved. Each individual in the process; the buyer, the seller, and collaborating agents are integral to my belief that the activity in which we are participating is important for us as a community. To this end, I relish the challenges and hard work required to make everything come together. I firmly believe that through the effort of communicating each person’s needs diligently and clearly, the buying or selling experience can be a positive experience. In the end, this process contributes to “our” community and makes Montana a more dynamic place to live.

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